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Working Group Meeting: FinTech Innovation & Regulation

Wednesday, June 06 | 12:00 PM — 3:30 PM

Network Member Exclusive

The Working Group will identify key regulatory hurdles that innovators face, inhibiting their ability to offer high-quality financial products and services and identify strategies to engage with regulators and stakeholders to develop solutions.

Since June 2017 the FinTech Innovation and Regulation Working Group has focused on consumer communication and disclosures for financial data sharing. This focus is both important and timely as consumers grow increasingly aware of how companies collect and use information in the wake of large-scale data breaches and data misuse. So far the group has developed a set of guiding data sharing communication principles for businesses to follow when seeking permission for data collection, when providing T&Cs/privacy policies and when notifying consumers of a data breach or policy change.

During this meeting, we will put our communication principles into practice by leveraging them in tandem with user-centered design to create a model consumer disclosure for financial data sharing.