Speaker Resource Center

About Your Speaking Engagement

We look forward to hosting you at EMERGE: Financial Health Forum! Below you will find additional resources related to your speaking engagement.


If you have any questions or comments regarding your engagement, please reach out to our Speaker Concierge, Mesha Bailey:
Mesha Bailey
Associate, Events at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI)
(312) 881-5874


March 2019 – Speaker prep calls are scheduled
Monday, April 12, 2019 – All speaker PowerPoint Presentations and AV requests due – presentations should be designed in widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio – Download the PowerPoint template
Monday, April 22, 2019 – Fairmont Scottsdale Hotel room block expires
May 14-16, 2019 – EMERGE: Financial Health Forum


We expect over 800 attendees to attend EMERGE this year. Historically, over half of the audience is a director level or higher and is a mix of banks, credit unions, fintech, nonprofits, government, and more. If you would like more detailed audience information to help you tailor your presentation, please reach out to Mesha Bailey


Speakers receive complimentary registration to EMERGE. Please complete your registration at your earliest convenience to confirm your speaking engagement. Through this process, you will be asked to submit a headshot, a bio of 100 words of less, and to agree to our speaker release agreement.


Once you’ve completed your registration we will begin marketing you as an EMERGE forum speaker. If you are interested in participating in any content marketing please indicate this during registration.


All speakers are responsible for reserving their travel. Please visit our travel page for additional information.


The theme for EMERGE 2018 is FinHealth by Design: Building Toward Better. What happens when you put financial health at the center of your strategy? As a growing number of organizations redesign their missions around consumer well-being, hear from industry visionaries, design and UX experts, and other financial innovators exploring how this shift can strengthen financial security for millions of Americans.

We encourage all speakers to reflect on this theme when designing your presentation.

Top Ten Speaker Tips

We want your session to be the most engaging one at the forum! To help you get there, we present ten presentation tips for crafting innovative sessions.

1. Don’t read your slides. Ever.
Slides should be image driven and play a supporting role to what you are saying. The audience wants to hear from you, so keep your slides short.

2. Slides are not mandatory.
Do not feel obligated to have slides. We will have an image or stage set behind you if there is no deck.

3. Think outside the box.
Keep panels interesting. Feel free to move around, use props, play a game, interact with the audience. Our forum mobile app is a huge resource for interacting with the audience. Let us know if you would like to use a poll or pose a question. Contact Mesha Bailey with any ideas and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

4. Be energetic.
The best way to keep the energy alive in the audience is to keep the energy alive on stage. Grab a coffee or energy drink and get yourself excited.

5. Own the stage.
We put that whole stage up there just for you! So make it your own. You can walk around, request the chairs a certain way, or bring props. Do what makes you comfortable, but feel free to use the entire stage.

6. Opposites attract.
Panels with some healthy controversy make the stage exciting. Don’t be afraid to disagree with your fellow speakers and speak up.

7. Be punctual.
This forum is fast-paced and runs like a tight ship. Please be respectful of your fellow speakers and help us start and end on time. Arrive to your session at least 20 minutes early to meet your fellow speakers, grab a bottle of water, and get a microphone. On stage, you’ll find a countdown clock and confidence monitor to help with your presentation.

8. Dress comfortably.
We want you to be the best speaker you can be and we know that dressing comfortably plays a role in that. We have no dress code for speakers or attendees! Extra things to consider: comfortable shoes if you plan to stand or skip the skirts if you sit on a stool.

9. Calm your nerves.
There is a speaker ready room you can use as a quiet spot to prep before you go on stage. We’ll have a confidence monitor in front of the mainstage so you can see your slides right there in front of you. During forum downtime, when the mainstage is not in use, we are available to let you do a walk through of the stage, practice your presentation, and get comfortable. Water bottles will be available on stage to help keep your throat clear.

10. External resources for creating dynamic presentations