Track 1: Customer Experience

To build a path to improved financial health, there’s only one place to start: the customer. Hear from speakers leveraging products, communication and UX design in new ways to enhance customer experience and support financial well-being. Get More Info write my essays for me.

2:30 — 3:45 PM

Fintech Focus: Designing from Day One to Build Trust With Consumers

Building and maintaining customer trust is a key challenge for financial services companies of all sizes. In this session, meet leading early-stage fintech companies that are using innovative methods to develop and grow user trust from day one. From branding strategy and research techniques to open communications and human-centric product design, we’ll explore the tactical efforts and overarching strategies of up-and-coming fintechs that are moving the needle on consumer financial health.

4:15 — 5:30 PM

Taking a Leap of Trust: The Role of New Technologies in the Relationship Between Financial Institutions and Consumer Trust

Advances in financial technology that remove humans from the equation have left many consumers uncertain about who to trust. Do consumers turn to legacy financial institutions, or do they place their trust in new technologies that promise transparent and immutable decision-making? This session will explore the opportunity for new technologies (such as blockchain, A.I, machine learning) to improve inclusion and consumer engagement through more transparent processes, as well as opportunities for financial institutions to leverage new tools to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and even return trust to consumers.

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