Track 1: Customer Experience

To build a path to improved financial health, there’s only one place to start: the customer. Hear from speakers leveraging products, communication and UX design in new ways to enhance customer experience and support financial well-being.

2:00 — 2:45 PM

Thriving in Retirement: It’s Not Just About Savings

It’s hard to pick just one statistic that summarizes how little Americans have saved for their retirement. But as a growing list of financial services companies know, thriving in retirement isn’t just about savings – in fact, the ability to save depends on how the rest of your financial life is working. For example, CFSI research shows that retirees need a lot of help building emergency reserves and spending savings appropriately, particularly if they’re low- or moderate-income. Hear a panel of retirement industry experts discuss the interconnected elements of their customers’ financial lives, and what can and should be done to support a holistically healthy retirement.


3:00 — 3:45 PM

Leveraging the College Moment to Engage with Students

More than ever, students are struggling with their financial health. From paying for rising tuition costs to paycheck-by-paycheck living in college, and finally tackling student debt while building a financial foothold as they transition to the workplace, this consumer segment faces a unique set of challenges. In this session, we’ll hear from innovators leveraging the college touchpoint as a powerful opportunity to engage with students and graduates and deliver the tools to help them meet their financial goals.

4:00 — 4:45 PM

Deploying Design Thinking to Build Better Financial Products

How are providers using the latest human-centered design strategies to identify and fulfill their customers’ needs? Whether it’s managing spending or promoting the responsible use of credit, this panel of industry leaders will share what they’ve learned while designing the next generation of financial products.

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