Track 1: Customer Experience

To build a path to improved financial health, there’s only one place to start: the customer. Hear from speakers leveraging products, communication and UX design in new ways to enhance customer experience and support financial well-being.

11:00 — 12:15 PM

Track 1: Does the U.S. Need a National Data Privacy Law?

As high-profile stories of data breaches and misuse continue to make headlines, a global wave of policies that empower consumers to control more of their data is picking up speed. Around the world, recent regulations include UK Open Banking, GDPR in Europe, and Australia’s new Consumer Data Right, which focuses on banking data but will soon expand into energy, telecommunications, and other sectors. Here in the U.S., California’s sweeping new data privacy law raises the specter of a patchwork of conflicting state-level policies — unless the federal government decides to act first. Join us for a debate on whether the U.S. needs a comprehensive national policy for data sharing and privacy, and what we can learn from other countries’ experiences.

2:30 — 3:45 PM

Track 1: Fintech Focus: Designing from Day One to Build Trust With Consumers

Building and maintaining customer trust is a key challenge for financial services companies of all sizes. In this session, meet leading early-stage fintech companies that are using innovative methods to develop and grow user trust from day one. From branding strategy and research techniques to open communications and human-centric product design, we’ll explore the tactical efforts and overarching strategies of up-and-coming fintechs that are moving the needle on consumer financial health

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