Track 2: The Role of Institutions

How are providers within financial services, nonprofits and the government rising to meet the financial health challenges of the people and communities they serve? Get first-hand insights from leaders committed to bold and lasting change that drives positive impact for all Americans.

2:00 — 2:45 PM

Keeping Score: The Future of Financial Health Measurement

Organizations at the forefront of financial health measurement are developing scoring models to assess their customers’ financial lives. Learn from these industry experts about the opportunities and challenges of using survey and transactional data to measure and track customer financial health. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how your company can start measuring your customers’ financial health today using the CFSI Financial Health Score™ Toolkit.

3:00 — 3:45 PM

Payments as a Lifeline: Innovation in Payments for Disaster Relief

Following a year of unprecedented natural disasters, financial institutions are exploring solutions to leverage payment system capabilities to help victims rebuild their communities, businesses, and lives. Learn about plans for nonprofits and government institutions to deliver payments directly to victims and how your organization can help drive this significant initiative.

4:00 — 4:45 PM

Prescribing Productivity: Financial Health in the Workplace

Can employers really help their employees lead financially healthier lives? Organizations that strive to support workers through financial wellness programs, benefits and policies face real obstacles, from engaging employees to privacy concerns. Yet when done correctly, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to reduce financial stress in the workplace, promote staff engagement, improve productivity, and reduce long-term healthcare costs, among other significant benefits. Hear from innovative financial health providers about designing effective solutions that can help employers address financial wellness in the workplace.

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