Track 3: Tech and Design

Emerging innovations in fintech, AI and big data hold tremendous potential, but how do you translate it into measurable success? We’ll explore the technology, design and policy landscape of today and tomorrow as organizations seek new tools to build a financially sound future.

2:00 — 2:45 PM

Hot for Bots: Is AI in Consumer Banking More Than a Buzzword?

Artificial intelligence is transforming the customer experience in banking. Or is it? While most institutions agree that change is on the horizon, a third are not yet investing in AI projects, according to research firm Celent. And even as more banks roll out virtual assistants and chatbots, it remains to be seen whether these machines can go beyond checking balances and reviewing transactions to engage consumers in meaningful ways. The innovators and experts on this panel will debate AI’s potential to change how consumers interact with their finances.

3:00 — 3:45 PM

Prove Who You Are: The Future of Identity Verification

Verifying that someone is who they say they are is essential for preventing fraud and fulfilling financial institutions’ know-your-customer obligations. Today, institutions do this primarily by matching consumer-provided information against databases compiled from other consumer-provided information, such as credit bureaus or social media companies. Given that consumer identity is a complex mix of government-issued information, personal secrets, and inherent attributes, organizations cannot use databases to verify identity with total certainty. Institutions are also grappling with challenges like digital identity theft and fraud, as well as proving identity for those with limited online history. This session will explore the practices and pitfalls of identity verification today, the potential impact of emerging techniques like biometric data and distributed ledgers, and who should ultimately be responsible for storing and protecting sensitive consumer information.

4:00 — 4:45 PM

Meet the Innovators: 2018 Lab Winners

Come get to know the next generation of promising fintech innovators – and potentially meet your next business partner. This session will feature the winners of the 2018 Financial Solutions Lab Challenge, which is a $30 million, five year initiative managed by CFSI in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co. to identify, test and scale innovations that help Americans save, improve credit and build assets. In this session, the 2018 winners will share what inspired them to solve for finhealth and how they’re addressing real consumer pain points in innovative ways.

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